Monday, February 26, 2007

Capital Dog House

After builders have finished building your house (though I have never seen an owner who would say that builders have completely finished his house) they usually leave some materials you can use for building a small copy for your dog:
Take a wooden pallet. Saw timber to four pieces. Fix timbers to the wooden pallet vertically with help of angle pieces. Saw wooden boards and fix a horizontal boarding with screws. Saw chipboard and fix it to the top of the construction with help of nails. Cover the whole construction with polyethylene film and fix it with stapler. Fix siding to 3 walls with help of stapler. Cover the top with slate, make holes with help of drill and fix it with screw-bolts.

1 wooden pallet 100x70 cm
4 timbers 6x10x60 cm
8 angle pieces
8 boards 3x15x90 cm
4 boards 3x15x60 cm
50 screws
1 chipboard 2x60x90 cm
20 nails
polyethylene film 70x350 cm
200 staples
1 slate 120x80
4 screw-bolts

Monday, February 19, 2007

Fast Dog House

Puppies are great gifts, maybe, the most welcome for kids. When a puppy is given without prior warning and is supposed to live outside the house, the owners face the necessity of having a dog house as soon as possible. Otherwise the dog will get used to the house and it will be difficult to accustom the dog to living outside. If you have an old table and a wire netting you can solve this problem free of charge.

1. Turn the table upside down and measure its sides
2. Calculate the length of the net and cut the piece required
3. Nail the net around the table top and legs
4. Fold the net parts extending over to make the roof

You will not have to go and look for a dog house and spend money on its purchase. Having the above-mentioned materials and some manual skills you can make a decent dog house yourself in half an hour or so.

Iron Net

Tape-measure, Hammer, Pliers